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Eugene O., Priest
"Kevin Garvey completed a very complicated sale that lasted over six months in changing marketing conditions. He complied with all real estate and legal requirements involved in the process. He showed himself to be professional, knowledgeable, capable and committed to making a sale when others would have given up. He kept me informed all along the way. I am happy to recommend him."

Edin H., Driver
"Kevin was very professional, very helpful and knowledgeable, I would highly recommended him to anyone."

Gary & Connie S.
"Kevin is the best! From the start of our deciding to sell our home of 36 years through closing, he has been a constant source of help, knowledge and support. After living in our home and collecting "things" for so long, we were at a loss as how to start and what to do.
Kevin and his team provided packing supplies, personal assistance and direction on how to begin the long process of putting our home on the market. Kevin's advice on how to best get the house ready to go on the market was invaluable. His experience was greatly appreciated as we worked our way through offers and end up with just what we wanted in the way of a buyer and completed sale. We highly recommend Kevin Garvey to anyone wishing to buy or sell a home."

Marguerite G., Retired
"Kevin lessened the stress of selling my home of 37 years and the subsequent move. He was at once low-key, knowledgeable, honest, and an excellent communicator , explaining the ins and outs of the real estate business.

In a changing market, he was very resourceful, effecting a positive conclusion to the sale. My thanks and appreciation go out to him and his able team. I highly recommend them."

Tony T.
"We are lucky to have met Kevin for our second home purchase. Already been a homeowner, I was wondering what a realtor can further provide me since I already have the needed knowledge. After more than a month, Kevin closed the deal for our dream house. I know Kevin is not an ordinary realtor. Our case is more involved than a typical simple cash handover purchase. It requires lots of professional, honest and objective judgement and thinking. Kevin acted like a wise elderly who gave us advice and made things happen. Kevin doesn't feel like a realtor or businessman, is not driven by commission but by his sense of responsibilities. I put my money and decision in good hands.

His team is also very professional with streamlined protocol. Doing careful and responsive work. After everything is settled, I receive a CD with all documents cleanly organized. I bet I'll find it very helpful at least when I sell the house."

Janet M.
"I can highly recommend Kevin Garvey as he helped me through the process of selling my home of 30 years+. He listened to what I was saying and helped me make decisions based on what would be best for me. There was no pressure but he kept me moving forward to complete the sale very fast. James, in his office is excellent with the paper work and keeping me informed with what was happening."

Michele D.
"Kevin Garvey is a wonderful realtor. From start to finish, he is professional, knowledgeable, and helpful. We first hired him 3 years ago, then decided to wait to sell. Kevin and his staff helped us box up and move out most of our things. We subsequently decided to wait to list, then contacted him again a few months ago. He and his staff have been responsive, kind, and amazingly helpful before, during, and after the sale of our home of 27 years."

Maria D., Manager
"Looking for an honest, no nonsense guy? You got it: Kevin Garvey. He has been my broker for 12 or so years and have dealt with many buying and selling of properties. He has been so helpful, courteous and will work with you with professional attitude and care. I have to mention that he has an awesome assistant, James Choe. With both of them together, they got your back and you can be assured that they are reliable, honest and they update you to the minute of what is going on.
Need I say more? Call me."

Laura I.
"I first met Kevin several years ago and was impressed by his manner and philosophies, particularly with helping seniors transition. When we decided to move, I called Kevin first to represent us in the sale. He was phenomenal. He helped us with every aspect, including things like bringing over boxes as needed, volunteering help, at his expense. He took all the worries and hassles out of the process. Kevin has a great deal of integrity. You can believe and trust what he tells you. Oh and this made an impression. When I met with the title company to fill out the final papers, the lady there remarked that she loved dealing with Kevin's sales because the paperwork was always perfect first time, a rarity."

Harsh P., Technical Lead
"Very fast and smooth transaction. Always on time. Good communication."

Hongyang Z., Sales Director
"Kevin is a professional and high efficient realtor agent ,when we decided to buy the house only use 5 minutes ,then we did a offer by Kevin and he became to our dual agent,we like the house and location very close new Apple campus,thanks for Kevin’s help to get the house in the very competitive market."

Anne H.
"Kevin did a great job for us. He was very helpful throughout the process of preparing for and selling our home. Kevin was also very good about answering any questions that arose during the process."

Larry W.
"Kevin did a terrific job marketing and selling our property. His deep expertise showed throughout. He took the time to explain the process to us and advise on best ways to reach potential buyers. All our expectations were met, including the over-asking sales price. All in all it was a smooth process and everything went according to script, largely thanks to Kevin's experience and follow through."

Daniel H., Bus Driver
"Kevin was very helpful throughout the whole process of finding and buying a home, which can be very difficult during these times. He did not let us get discouraged and it finally paid off. We are very happy."

Kevin & Nancy R.

"We have had the utmost pleasure of working with Kevin since 2014 when we originally purchased our Santa Clara/Bohannon tract home. He helped us get it for a good price, even though we were in a bidding war he made the difference of working the numbers so we came out the winners. And now unfortunately due to a unforeseen change in employment we were forced to sell our lovely home way too soon. Not only did Kevin list it directing us with his sage advice but he had it sold before they could get the sign in the front lawn, and for way over asking price. My only wish is that he could represent us in the new area that we are moving to, but sadly that is not the case. He is genuinely a good man, good listener, and very passionate and dedicated in providing the best possible service available. We have nothing but praise for him helping us to navigate through one of the most stressful times of buying and selling a home. He is not only our real estate agent, but definitely considered a good friend."

Vivienne & Frank N., Retired
"Working with Kevin was a very pleasant experience. A year ago we were not sure we would move, but asked Kevin to come over and advise work that needed to be done if we did plan to sell. He gave us good advice and kept in touch without being intrusive; a year later we were happy to list our home with Kevin.

Kevin is extremely responsive, organized and easy to work with. We always knew the next step in the process and appreciated the time he took to explain everything, from the initial listing through home inspections and buyer loan approvals. He appeared with boxes as we were trying to tidy up for an open house. We had not realized how necessary they would be, and appreciated his unsolicited help.

We feel that Kevin really understands the local real estate market. He was able to give us solid data and comparisons, but left decisions on dates and prices to us. We would definitely recommend Kevin Garvey to future clients; he did a great job for us."

Richard P.
"Kevin was most professional and extremely helpful with the sale of our home. We depended on him for a fast but profitable result as we had a contingent bid on another home out of state. Kevin was remarkable and kept in constant communication with us from details, updates, open houses and offers until the final transaction! In my opinion, he delivered in the end and very expertly serves the Santa Clara Valley area with his broad knowledge and many years of experience.
I would highly recommend Kevin to anyone interested in selling their home."

Kathy P.
"Our decision to put a bid on a home out of state came very quickly and unexpectedly. We knew instantly that Kevin would be the realtor for our home.
Having a well known reputation for excellent service and follow through, Kevin managed the entire process seamlessly. After the initial meeting in his office, he arranged the videography, home inspection and realtors open house quickly and smoothly. With a contingent bid on another property out of state, Kevin was aggressive in his style of selling our property. His professionalism and attention to detail was obvious and he addressed all questions and concerns promptly. We sold our home in 3 days and he stayed in communication with us until closing. He is an amazing Broker and friend who also serves his community well.
We would highly recommend Kevin to anyone interested in buying or selling their future home."

Ying W.
"Kevin helped me to find my dream house this summer. He is an extremely proactive real estate broker. He does not believe in waiting for opportunity to come to us. In the beginning he explored different options for me, showed me a few houses and understood my needs. Sometimes buyers think he/she knows what he/she wants, but without getting into detail or visually go through different houses, the buyer may have unrealistic targets. Kevin really helped me to figure out what I really wanted. He would still go out and canvas for new properties. Once I was determined to put offers in for some properties, he provided valuable insight and price target. He was super supportive when it came to decision making. I strongly recommend Kevin as a trustworthy real estate broker."

Michael L., Business Owner
"We were the first time buyer w/o any experience or knowledge. Lucky we met Kevin who is so kind and honest who is full of experience and knowledge. With his assistance, all the processes were very smooth and punctual. We finally closed escow on time without any hassles.

One more thing I would like to mention is James, Kevin's assistant, who also provided a lot of help during the process. They are a great team."

Charlotte W., Estate Trustee
"Kevin Garvey deserves my highest recommendation! 
I contacted Kevin soon after my father died and requested a market analysis of my father's condominium for probate purposes. Within one day he provided an impressive multi-page analysis in color including comparables in the neighborhood. When the decision was made to sell the condo, Kevin was my first choice to represent the trust. 

Kevin came to our first meeting thoroughly prepared, with suggestions and a plan to sell the property expeditiously and at a fair price. He contacted all of the local real estate agents and found one with a buyer who had been waiting for just the right condo in the area to buy and renovate. Kevin's networking avoided a protracted listing and the cost of carpeting, painting and staging. Kevin took care of the endless rules and obstacles thrown up by the condo association and managed the additional inspections and reports it demanded. Kevin also expertly negotiated with the buyer's agent to ensure that the deal was truly "as is," saving the trust several thousands of dollars. 

Both Kevin, and his assistant, James, immediately responded to my questions and dealt with the issues that inevitably arise in a real property transaction. Although I lived several hours away from the condo, I felt secure knowing that I had a professional, caring team protecting the best interests of the trust. I would recommend Kevin Garvey to anyone considering selling or buying real property in San Jose and surrounding areas."

Curt & Marsha K.
"This is the second property that Kevin has sold for our family. 
Kevin made all steps of the process very easy for us. 
He helped us with all of the details, as well as assisting in maintaining the landscaping and with the move. 
We are grateful to him for his help "above and beyond". 
We recommend him highly."

William B.
"After living in Santa Clara for 29 years I decided to sell and leave the area. My wife and I selected Kevin Garvey Realtor as our agent. This turned out to be an excellent choice on our part. Kevin helped us from the start. We had accumulated a vast number of things in the house and we needed advice and help. Kevin was a great help in guiding us to get our house ready for sale. It took 2 ½ months but we finally had it ready. Kevin organized the staging of the house and held the open house. My house sold in 2 weeks for approximately $100,000 more than we were asking. Kevin negotiated with the buyer's agent and was there to help through a difficult escrow closing.

I would definitely recommend Kevin Garvey if you are looking for an honest, down to earth real estate broker."

Sonal & Manish K., Software Director
"Kevin was extremely professional, thorough and knowledgeable. We will definiteley do business with him again."

Mark R.
"From the start, Kevin proved to be a valuable resource for me in understanding what needed to be done in order to sell my father's house.

With all of the issues and tasks that the family had to deal with in settling our father's estate, Kevin came in, reviewed the property, and provided us with recommendations and a game plan for us to focus on.

In addition to laying out the key steps of what needed to be accomplished, he also let us know what tasks we did not need to spend time on for our specific situation. On top of that, he also pitched in with helping us get our yard in shape and in hauling away donatable items.

I am glad that we teamed up with Kevin for the home sale because I feel we ended up with someone that provided us with needed counsel and support instead of someone focused on making their commission.


Celeste P., Homeowner
"I am so pleased with how Kevin handled the sale of my Santa Clara home. Time and time again he anticipated my questions and everything I needed to make the selling process 100% painless. Thanks, Kevin, for all you, James, and your other folks did to make a potentially difficult time a real pleasure."

"Kevin represented us to purchase a house. Kevin is very professional and knowledgeable. He makes the entire process very smooth."

Michael & DeAnna C., Homeowner
"We recently worked with Kevin and his team to sell our house in Santa Clara. During our interview with Kevin, he walked us through his process, the current trends and the approach he would take to sell our house. He answered all our questions and addressed our concerns. After engaging Kevin, the sale of the house became a team effort with Kevin working to clear any roadblocks along the way. James on Kevin's staff was very helpful as well. With as stressful as this can be, Kevin's professionalism, understanding and caring along the way made the sale about as easy as I could imagine. During the closing, Kevin's thoroughness was praised by the title agent. We greatly appreciate Kevin's efforts and would highly recommend him in the future."

Manish & Sonal K., Director of Software
"It was a pleasure to work with Kevin and his colleagues. He was systematic and extremely thorough throughout the whole process. He also is an expert for the Westwood Oaks area. He kept our aspirations realistic regarding the selling of our home.
We would definitely do business with him again."

Subhranta S., Program Manager
"I had great pleasure working with Kevin to find my new house. He displayed high quality of professionalism, honesty and transparency throughout.
Many times he helped us to understand how the market is moving and what we must go for and what not. Simultaneously he kept our hope alive till we found the right home for us with his help.
I will surely recommend him to my friends and families whoever would like to buy a home."

Dale B.
"I had some special circumstances involving the sale of my house. Needless to say I was probably not the most ideal seller. However, Kevin was able to meet my needs and handled the sales process smoothly. I would highly recommend Kevin and would reccommend him to anyone, especially to those with special needs."

Tom G. & Colleen M.
"After not moving in 40 years, finding a broker like Kevin was wonderful!
He is extremely knowledgeable about his buisness which helped us to remove a lot of our fears and apprehensions about selling our home.
He and his assistant, James Choe, really chipped in to help us clean up our house & yard to get it ready for the sale, we weren't expecting that!
I would and will recommend Kevin to anybody wanting to sell their home. He made it a very positive experience! And we weren't expecting that either!"

Rupen P.
"Have been working with Kevin since over 10 years when he helped us with our first home at that time. After that initial transaction, he helped us with few other properties in the last 10 years. It has been a pleasure working with Kevin during all these transactions. His analysis and market read is spot on and he is very friendly, approachable and is always available to help. He is now a friend who we consult often because we trust his opinion whenever it comes to real estate."

Helen R.
"About a year and a half ago Kevin sold a home for my Brother. When I told him that I was moving his comment was "You are having Kevin take care of selling the house." (Since his sale went so well.)
Kevin did everything he could to make my move as easy as possible for me.
It was ready and sold in less than 2 months. Thanks a Million Kevin."

Vineet A.
"We had a great experience working with Kevin. We approached him without any experience or much background work. He was well balanced and objective in offering his advice, and gave us a detailed overview of the house buying process. He helped us make an offer on a property we liked within a day notice and eventually closed it successfully. Kevin is very professional and we highly recommend him."

Marianne M.
"Mr. Garvey and his staff did a wonderful job finding me the right place and right price. They were so available and easy to contact and responding to my requests.
Will use them again!"

Cheryl and Bob W.
"Kevin did a wonderful job selling Mom's home. With friendly authority, Kevin stepped into our situation. He told us how and what we needed to do to sell the house. Kevin walked us through every step of the process with a professional straight-forward approach. Thirty-one days after meeting Kevin, the sale of Mom's house closed. We couldn't be happier. Kevin is a good person and a great agent!"

Fan Z., Software Engineer
"We worked with Kevin twice and got two awesome houses.
The process was really smooth!"

Rajiev G.
"Kevin is a seasoned real estate professional. His rich experience in real estate is reflected in the way he deals. He was my real estate agent when I was buying my house at Santa Clara. He quickly understands what your needs are and is able to articulate them well with the other party. He establishes trust with both sides of the deal (his clients and other party) and that makes this complex transaction quite smooth."

Jiemin L.
"Kevin helped us buy our first house at 2012. And 4 and half years later, he helped us again buy an upgraded house. He works efficiently and always replies to my email very quickly. Both of our transactions went really smoothly and he gave us recommendations like house cleaning services post-closing."

Richard & Evangline F., President Mari Paul Esprit Corporation
"Kevin is the consummate professional. He dove into all the details of preparing my reluctant family for the move and made things happen for the advantage of the whole family. His knowledge and transactional expertise is superior to any real estate broker that I have ever come into contact with. I highly recommend Kevin for any real estate situation anyone may have. Yes he is that good."

Nancy & Joe C., Semi-retired Sellers
"Working with Kevin was as great as his reputation suggests. He was professional and considerate in every aspect along the way and is obviously very in tune with our local market. He told us what we could expect (and was right on!) and thoughtfully answered all of the questions we had about the process."

Tom W. & Mary D.
"Kevin Garvey did a terrific job as our listing agent when we recently sold the house we’d lived in for many years. His comprehensive knowledge and extensive experience in selling homes in our area (Santa Clara, Cupertino school district) were clear and ultimately invaluable. Even before we hired him, he openly shared detailed information about the market, discussed the sales process and our options, and showed us data for recent sales of houses comparable to our own. He made good suggestions as to which improvements would be most helpful for selling our house quickly and at a good price. He handled each aspect of the sales process in a professional, well-organized and efficient manner.

Kevin’s calm, respectful, low-key (but keen) nature was a good fit for us and helped reduce the possible stresses of the process. We were particularly appreciative of his willingness to help with our sale and moving preparations in any way possible, with both overt offers of help and subtle provisioning of numerous items we needed, at just the right moments. For example, one day we opened our front door and there was a dolly on the doorstep, perfectly timed for us to use to move some bulky furniture we wanted to transfer to the garage! We are very glad we chose Kevin and his team for our home sale."

Bob & Phil N., Trustees
"We highly recommend Kevin Garvey and his team at Realty World Santa Clara.
They were instrumental to the ultimate sale of our past parent's beloved home of over 50 years.

In this very emotional time, my brother and I needed all the help that we could get.
The Realty World team was that help for us, and will be for you too.
Our thanks and appreciation goes to them."

Ohad K., Google Senior Software Engineer
"Kevin is the reason we now have a place to call Home.
At the outset, my wife and I had many questions about buying in the Bay Area, as we recently relocated here; Kevin was really helpful, insightful, and attentive to our many questions. He took us to see houses in different areas until we were able to focus on what we really wanted. Then, as things progressed, Kevin helped us untangle all the bureaucracy involved with the process, from setting up a good offer to the sellers, all the way to helping us with getting the mortgage and finalizing the sale.
Thank you Kevin, for being a real professional real estate agent."

Dana K., Homeowner
"Kevin helped us through our first home purchase. Undoubtedly, this is by far a difficult step to go through especially in todays' market here in the Silicon Valley. He has been kind, professional and efficient. Always guiding us through and giving thoughtful advices. We are very fortunate to have had such an experienced and amazing broker and will be sure to approach him for the next time we would want to buy a property."

Christy W.
"Kevin helped me purchase my first home. It was a very easy and fun experiance."

Simon L.
"It was a pleasure having Kevin walk me through the first home purchase. He was honest and genuine when questions were asked or suggestions were needed, which gave me confidence in making decisions. In addition, he was quick to address any issues that we had and worked hard to expedite the purchasing process. I would highly recommend Kevin to any home buyers."